Located an hour north of Tampa, Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC specializes in Bearded Silkies in seven approved colors for show — white, buff, black, blue, splash, gray, paint and partridge. We currently sell juvenile and adult show-quality birds (ready or almost ready for the show cage). To preserve optimum bird health, we only ship using approved methods and meet all import and export requirements.

THE Mission

Our birds have won numerous high profile awards, most recently the Champion Featherleg Award and the Reserve Featherlegs Award. We also were runner up in the ASBC Western National 2016. Many of our customers have also won notable awards with birds from our flock. To continue breeding award winning Silkies, Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC strives to improve each of the seven colors of Silkies in our flock, one step at a time.

We take the health and quality of life of our birds very seriously. We are part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) program and are members of the American Poultry Association, American Bantam Association, American Silkie Bantam Club, Ameraucana Breeders Club and National Call Duck Association of America.

When we are not working to perfect our breeding efforts, Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC contributes to a new project for Florida 4H and FFA member. To grow the future of Silkies in Florida, we offer special pricing for members of the two agriculture associations.

This is what a place like this does to you. It makes you put words in the beaks of chickens.
— Danielle Paige, No Place Like OZ

JUST SOME OF What We've Achieved

  • 2018 - ASBC Master Breeder in Gray with over 100 Specialized points.

  • 2017 - ASBC Master Exhibitor with over 10,000 exhibitor points.

  • 2017 - ASBC Master Breeder in Black with over 100 Specialized points.

  • 2017 - ASBC Master Breeder in Buff with over 100 Specialized points.

  • 2016 - ASBC Western National Runner Up.

  • 2015-2017 - American Bantam Association - 5 starred wins to date.

  • 2016 & 2017 Citrus Classic - Champion Featherleg - Black.

  • 2016 & 2017 Sweetwater Grange - Champion Featherleg - Black.

  • 2017 Sweetwater Grange - Reserve Champion Bantam - Black.

  • 2016 Low Country Classic - Champion Featherleg - Buff.

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