2018 - Sussex County Poultry Fanciers

With Hurricane Irma decimating a huge portion of show season in the South East we decided to finally get in a road trip to both the Sussex County Poultry Fanciers in New Jersey and the Little Rhody show in Rhode Island. With them being around 4 hours apart it is entirely possible to complete NJ on Saturday and then drive over to Don Nelson's show in RI on Sunday.

Saturdays show featured over 70 silkies and the competition was fierce with both Billye Davis and Kate Morreale (Grand Master Exhibitor) in attendance making it tough to win. We came away with Best variety in Blue, Buff, Grey, Paint and Partridge backing that up with Reserve variety wins in Blue, Grey and Paint.

The weather in Augusta, NJ was rather wet and very cold. The hoodie's and jackets came out for everyone making sure that people kept warm. Sadly, Jonathan didn't plan for this weather so went shopping... After not finding anything suitable the show saved the day with a rather snazzy $25 hoodie. Meanwhile in the show hall Billye Davis and Kate Morreale had both found comfort in various checks to talk silkies both to each other and anyone else who would listen :)