2018 - Little Rhody Show - RI.

With Hurricane Irma decimating a huge portion of show season in the South East we decided to finally get in a road trip to both the Sussex County Poultry Fanciers in New Jersey and the Little Rhody show in Rhode Island. With them being around 4 hours apart it is entirely possible to complete NJ on Saturday and then drive over to Don Nelson's show in RI on Sunday.

Sundays show featured around 50 Silkies and severe competition with Billye Davis's amazing whites in attendance. We managed to come away with Best variety in Blue, Grey, Splash, Paint and Partridge and also Reserve in Blue, Grey, Splash and Paint.

Just one of Billye Davis's stunning Whites.

Just one of Billye Davis's stunning Whites.

As with many road trips you just simply can not predict what is going to happen next and it was somewhere in NY that we stopped for gas and food on the way home. We bumped into this lovely lady while getting food in an amazing chicken dress! Almost the highlight of the weekend.