Shipment sent 4/24

This shipment went from FL to Idaho. The feedback on this does show us a small level of concern. In our opinion there is no such thing as 'perfect' humidity. We ourselves dry incubator and hatch. With a humidity % of around 35-45.

If 7 started to develop and then they died off over time this suggests the eggs were fertile and that there was a deeper humidity/incubation issue.

In regards to 'fragile' stickers. We purposely choose not to write anything on the packages as we feel the packaging we use does the job and their is no need to highlight what is in the box.



Shipment 2 - 4/10/2018

On Tuesday 10th April we sent out two shipments. We are grateful to have received both reviews/feedback forms back. This second shipment went to Washington state. A bad ride leading to some detached air cells - which can happen with USPS - so totally happy to even get anything hatch. Unfortunate with some minor damage but we have been testing two sets of packaging at the start of 2018 so its great to get some feedback with both.


Shipment 2/6/18

Our first review relates to our first batch of shipped eggs sent on Tuesday 6th February 2018. We very much believe that the start of the year is always a risk and while we have been hatching from our own eggs, fertility can be spotty in some colors as our cocks and cockerels start getting 'into their groove' for the forthcoming Spring weather.


For the week of 6th February 2018 we shipped 20 eggs, all of which safely arrived. With the customer ordering 12 hatching eggs we feel 11 developing on a 12 egg purchase is a great result. It is a shame that the customer had temperature issues, but with them placing another order we look forward to them doing much better next time!