Located an hour north of Tampa, Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC specializes in show Silkies and Pigs. But like many other farms we do have some other hidden gems hiding away.

THE Mission

Over the last two years we have very quickly expanded our cows. Having initially purchased a 5 week old dairy who we bottled fed through Christmas of 2016 we went out to buy some already pregnant Angus Heifers. We have now moved on to 5 head of cows since then. 2018 should assist in brining on further expansion and we are hoping that at the start of 2019 that number would rise to 8.

We take the health and quality of life of all our animals very seriously. We are also members of the Florida Dept of Ag bee program. This allows us to safely and efficiently call upon help if needed. Complete amateurs with beekeeping the 2017-18 transition has been one of huge learning curves and excitement. We successfully harvested our first crop of honey and sold out within a matter of days. In 2018 we have expanded and doubled our number of hives at the beginning of March 2018.

In February 2018 we added two pregnant female Llamas to the farm. These are assisting greatly in our efforts to keep predators at bay. They are wonderful at chasing away anything that they feel threatened by. We also have Eeyore the donkey who seems to think its his mission in life to be cute and useless.

It was on February 26th 2019 that our Angus herd increased in numbers with the arrival of a beautiful baby heifer in the afternoon 02 Feb 26th. It was late afternoon when delivery was complete and our new arrival, seen below, arrived into the world!

Handle a book as a bee does a flower, extract its sweetness but do not damage it.
— John Muir

Our Pets

  • 1 Dairy cow

  • 2 Angus meat cows

  • 2 Llamas

  • 1 Beautiful baby Heifer ;) (still without a name!)

  • 5 Dogs - Calypso, Gus, Wallace, Nala & Phoebe

  • 3 Cats - Flower, Loki, & Bill

  • 1 Tropical Fish Tank

  • Unknown number of rescued farm cats