New App - Saving hours of time and making life easier!


We have been working on releasing a new APP that we can use on our cell phones and desktop easily. This will allow us to keep all of our Silkies and Show Pigs up to date on information very easily. We will be able to photograph each specimen and keep information handy on our phones for verification at the farm.

This App allows us to login and edit any and all animals at any time. It also allows us to be able to offer it for download to our customers. What does this mean? Well many show animal businesses hide a lot of information from its customers - they will always show you their best birds - but do they show you every bird?


As we get this completely up to date and every animal’s details fully input we can then allow you - our customers to login and see every Silkie and Show pig that we have on property at any time.

As you can see from the image on the left - each animal will have its own unique picture and basic information on the from page. The animals ID tag (C2/C4 in the example) on the main page.

At the bottom you will see we can scroll through just Silkies or just Pigs. This allows us to easily search what stock we have, as well as making decisions on who to pair with who when breeding in the future.


Once you get into the record for each individual animal you can actually save 5 pictures per record. Then you have details such as State, Tag (ID) number, Weight, DOB, Sex, Variety, Location.

This allows us to know where each animal is but it also allows you the customer to be able to see who is in each of our breeding pens. You can then see which Males we are Pairing with which Females, thus giving you a better idea of what any offspring or future breeding could be like.

Below you will see that we have also included Price as well as parents - that way for show pigs you can know exactly what is going on and with our silkies you will be able to see as much information as possible!!!

We are able to add up to 4 potential Pullets/Hens as parents when referencing Silkies. Please note we do not have any more than 4 Hens/Pullets to a Cock.


The App is also now fully integrated with our website - this allows us to quickly and easily list any of our animals for sale. We can then, in just 2 clicks on our phone - have them listed for sale and ready for purchase on our For Sale page of the website.

Once we have every animal listed - we will make an announcement regarding how we are going to do access for our customers!