Kansas trip :) Luco Manufacturing

Here at Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC our main aim has been with our Show Silkies. We have worked very hard to ensure continual improvement in our own standards, breeding lines and record keeping as well as recovery from Hurricane Irma. In 2017 Jonathan was voted onto the Hernando County Fair Livestock Committee and has since worked with a large number of both 4h and FFA members and watched the gradual progression with showing Pigs in both this and neighboring counties.

One main area of concern was the lack of Quality Pig breeding facilities and operations and we decided it was time to do what we can to invest in the youth of today and Future Farmers of tomorrow. With this came time to explore Pig housing and farrowing options.

That was when the local FFA chapter Chief introduced us to Luco Manufacturing and this picture.


The picture showed us a building with great ventilation, ease of movement and when we explored more and looked internally we found the farrowing areas. We then made contacted with Luco Manufacturing in Kansas and arranged to go visit and get a close up look of one of their new Farrowing houses in the design and build stage.

Jonathan took the 5.30am flight up to Wichita then made his way across to Strong City, Kansas.

This video just show a collection of Photos taken by Jonathan throughout the day, from picking up the ridiculously brand new rental car, the drive across to Strong City, the farrowing houses with the Easy Clean system being integrated for flushing.

As well as this Jonathan vented down to Eureka, KS and also across to Lindeborg, KS and some of those pictures can also be seen.

Next up is a video of the Farrowing house in question. This house when finished will have all of the following (and more) integrated:

  • All units include crates, pens, fans, wiring, paddle waterers, tip out sow feeders, and heating.  
  • Clear span truss type for good head room inside the building.
  • 6' sidewalls and 7 1/2' at the center of the truss.
  • Woven wire mesh flooring is standard.
  • Units are mounted on skids to provide easy relocation and a clean, dry environment for your hogs and pigs.
  • Units provide added isolation aiding in disease control.

The final unit is definitely a site to behold and will give us a much improvement, better and cleaner environment for raising show pigs for the future. It will also give us a facility that allows for us to learn, as well as teach the youth and show them every step of the way when they progress and move into raising their own, for the future.