Pig Run

What else is there to do at 4.30am? Well for Jonathan and Courtney today it’s saying goodbye to one another for 24 hours. With the expansion of our pig breeding section of the business comes the need to successfully ensure our pigs housing and breeding needs are taken care of. This means a significant investment into both Farrowing and Nursery housing.

Today that means a 6.30am flight from Tampa to Atlanta to grab a connecting flight out to Wichita, Kansas. After landing it will be a short drive to Strong City and the Home of Luco Manufacturing.

Jonathan will be looking over the main building, equipment and it’s suitability for use in Florida heat. 

It is an opportunity that has to be taken as it is going to give the ability to plan, problem solve and asses before confirming our order. Any foreseeable problems can then be looked into during the 8-10 week building and delivery phase.

Why now?

Well our pig breeding program has taken significant steps forward in the last few months and this will continue that progress. While the building will not be ready and full in 2017 for the early 2018 4h and FFA fair breeding - it does give us a chance to use the building on a smaller scale and wipe out any problems before using to maximum capacity in 2019.

(pictures and maybe video to follow on a story update in the near future).