Hatchtrack - Your Egg Incubation Assistant

Michael Anfang has just released the Hatchtrack, your very own Egg Incubation Assistant. Hatchtrack comes in the size and shape of an egg and is placed inside the incubator on day one along with your eggs ready for the next 21 days!! The aim is to both raise funds for the product, as well as get 'beta testers' lined up ready to give back information, thoughts and opinions about the good, the bad, the ugly and the great about this product.


Starting at $99 the Hatchtrack can be purchased. As well as this the Indiegogo funding page (here) you can also give donations on a smaller scale towards the project. Michael has been working on this project for a little over a year and is "thrilled to finally be able to share it with the world!".

"The Hatchtrack mobile app is how you configure your Peep eggs as well as how you receive notifications. When you turn your Peep on for the first time, you can easily sync it with your phone over Bluetooth, where you can proceed with setup. You'll provide it with your WiFi login information so it can begin logging data to Hatchtrack and provide you with notifications.

The app is easy and intuitive by design - no high tech skills necessary! It's built for everyone to be able to use.

The Hatchtrack app will guide you through setting up your incubator, selecting your style and features, and allow you to set up various types of notifications. It works with automatic or manual turners, and can provide you with turning reminders if needed. If you'd like, it will send you daily pictures of chick development in the egg so you can know what's happening!

It's perfect for checking in the during day (especially if you're away!) to make sure everything is correct to hatch healthy, happy chicks."


You can find Hatchtrack on Facebook  as well as their Indiegogo page. Purchasing the Hatchtrack from as little as $99 will allow you to get in on the action, monitor what really goes on inside the egg and allow you to truly know every piece of data you could possibly want from your incubator.