This weekend are two smaller Poultry shows in New Jersey and Rhode Island. One of them on Saturday 19th May and the other on Sunday 20th. What better way to spend a weekend than attending BOTH shows! Road trip with 14 Silkies from Florida....


As well as taking Silkies to show at both shows we are also dropping off several orders on the way. Looking forward to a stop off in Smithfield, NC on Thursday evening. After that we will make the journey to Tysons, VA and do a small drop off just outside Washington, DC.


After leaving Tysons, VA we progress to Lancaster, PA where we will pick up new Honey Skep Jars from Fillmore Container's. From their the drive into Augusta, NJ and setup hopefully on Friday evening ready for Saturday's Sussex County Poultry Fancier Show.

Are you nearby? Why not pop along and say hi? Jonathan will be easy to spot in his Pixies Poultry Polo Shirt ;)


After the Sussex County Poultry Fanciers show we will be making the way East to hit Richmond, RI for Sunday's Little Rhody show which is being put on by the Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers. We have a customer to communicate with who is in Vermont so we may well have a stop off in Hartford, CT on the way over on Saturday evening and have adjusted our route accordingly.


Once this is complete we will finish off the journey into Richmond, RI and either check in on Saturday evening or first thing Sunday morning just in time for the show to begin at 9am.


Once judging is complete on Sunday the journey back to Florida begins and we hope to be home sometime on Monday overnight or early Tuesday morning!