New Wing Bands for all Sale birds

Beginning on May 1st 2018 all Chickens either kept or sold from Pixies Poultry & Pigs will come complete with Wing bands applied. With our name on one side and a number on the other side we will always be able to keep and provide any purchaser, whether purchased directly from us or further down the line, all of the information below.


2018 Wing Bands for

Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC

Incubator Used, hatcher used, Hatch date, pen for parents (over time full parental lineage will be tracked - this isn't an instant process but will develop and expand), lineage where known, price sold for, sex (if an adult and guaranteed), who sold to.

We will then be able to provide individual receipts and guarantees on birds that can assist both buyer and seller in identifying all birds purchased.

This program will develop over time and we look forward to one day getting to the stage where all lineage of our birds can be shown across multiple years and breeding seasons.