Hatching Egg Price Increase

2018 has been a great year so far for sales, being sold out on all Silkie Hatching Eggs that we have made available, to date. We have made the tough decision that we will need to increase our prices in order to accurately reflect the quality level of birds we produce as well as the costs and time involved. When you include processing of orders, website costs, payment processing, shipping etc a single shipment of eggs can accumulate over an hour of time as well as $35 in individual costs.

We want to take every possible step to stay competitive so while we are raising our cost to $100 for a dozen silkie hatching eggs (with the extras we send we still feel this represents great value for money) for the remainder of 2018 we will be offering free Priority Mail shipping. This offer (Using offer code SHIPPING at checkout) will automatically deduct $25 from your order. If you usually choose Express, this code will still reduce your end total and leave you with a shipping cost discount.

This offer and code will expire on December 31st 2018.

We are currently sold out of hatching eggs through to the end of May 2018 but will start planning shipments for June shortly. We will be running reduced numbers through June, July and August as we work on rebuilding our own stock as well as hatching and making chicks and juveniles available at shows in the fall.