Hurricane Irma

The build up to Hurricane Irma back in September 2017 was one of very mixed emotions. The path of the storm kept changing and after going from completely safe for us the path changed when it was too late for us to evacuate all the animals from the farm. So there we were moving as many chickens as possible into our home. Tough decisions had to be made and we ended up with a little over 500 birds moved to safety inside the house. 

After the storm had passed it took two days to have any power, and then when we tried to get back to the farm we were prevented from doing so by the police due to safety concerns. Once we finally got back onto the farm things were starting to look good. Just a couple of downed trees at the top of the farm. 

The walk down the farm was looking good until we turned the corner and saw what used to be around 30 areas of birds with multiple trees down destroying the area, all buildings, fencing, roofing and more. We found numerous birds busy obtaining lunch for themselves. 

When all was said and done we had lost some 100% of the complete blood lines for some of our Ameraucanas and Silkies. We also lost many juveniles, chicks and everything that was in our cabinet incubators and hatchers. The generators only lasted so long and with the farm being at the end of a road, it was some 13 days before we had power again. Despite the energy company promising it to happen much sooner.

2018 is going to be a huge rebuilding year and with that in mind we will be selling much less than usual. We have already sold out of Silkie hatching eggs for the start of 2018. We are hoping that as the year progresses we will be able to release more eggs, chicks and juveniles.