New Packaging Method Found!


So as time goes on products hit the market and it takes a while to filter down to everyone... Here at Pixies Poultry & Pigs LLC we do not know everything (unless arguing with Pixie in which case just assume she does....).

Recently we shipped from here in Florida to California, double boxed as always but there was damage and not every egg made it safely. Thats when one of our awesome customers shared with us about these pouches.

Coming in various sizes, they are already heat sealed on 3 sides allowing for the egg to be placed inside rolled up and then sealed!!

This way should any eggs get damaged it doesn't cause any cross contamination going to the other eggs.


Coming from a company called The Boxery you can order these in various sizes and also different quantity amounts. Ours came courtesy of a purchase through online retailer Amazon and they arrived quickly in two rather large boxes. In test shipments so far we have found we can safely get 19 Silkie hatching eggs into a Medium Flat Rate Box and then double pack that into a Large Flat rate box for shipping. 


We are currently also investigating the USPS Regional Flat Rate Boxes but are yet to successfully find a way to be able to double box with those. Here we have shown a sample of the pouches and also just one of The Boxery's Amazon listings.