Shipping is in Full Swing

Its been a rather exciting time at the farm recently. Following on from 2017 we made the decision to start shipping a small number of hatching eggs to 'test the waters' and see how things go. That has largely been a success, with only 1 damaged shipment so far. 

That damage did lead to us changing how we packed our eggs and with thanks to another poultry keeper we are now using 'pouches' that have been sourced through an online retailer. These have been received with a 100% success rate so far. They have meant that we had to limit our number of 'extras' as the pouches take up more room, but we work on the theory or quality over quantity when it comes to breeding success.

The office has been working well since it was finished in January of this year, although as you can see we could probably do with some more space....


This rather large pile of boxes is currently blocking my view of the TV and Netflix that we put out here, purely for 'background noise' purposes of course.....

One of the many things that has improved with time is the legally required VS9-3 NPIP paperwork and as you can see from below we have been printing these ahead of time as well as emailing them off to customers, usually the same day that the order is received.

We have also started sending out a small survey/feedback form to customers who order from us, usually around 3 weeks after the order was sent.

Hopefully these start coming back in soon, that way we can keep our reviews page up to date with all the feedback, good or bad, on this page. When shipping hatching eggs many things can happen over the course of one shipment but we are hoping that this feedback form allows us to eradicate any reoccurring problems as time progresses.



VS9-3 and Feedback forms all ready to go out in the mail.