Incubator room Situation

In other regular programming we quite often get asked what incubators we use, what hatchers and what our setup is like. So I thought I would take a quick time out to talk about it here... 


We store all our eggs in automatic turners for up to 7-10 days so that we are incubating on a regular rotation. Our eggs are stored depending on which pen they came from so that we can keep full records. Jonathan got fed up of hand turning them each day so we invested in enough automatic turners to save a lot of time.


We only use cabinet incubators. Generally we use the Dickey incubators and have had no issue with them. They are extremely cost effective at around $600 each in comparison to the Brinsea.


GQF is the brand of hatcher that we use. We have four of these set up. Each hatcher is only specified for use with certain pens of birds - therefore we never have to worry about mixing different colors that hatch very similar.