Sorry for the long delay!

The past few months have been as crazy as ever on the farm. First of all we had the joyous event that was yet another Hurricane coming through Florida. Thankfully no major damage this time around although the tree that irma half brought down in 2017 decided to come almost all the way down, blocking the entry to the farm.

A rather Over Sized load makes its way into the farm.

A rather Over Sized load makes its way into the farm.

This did, however, mean it was finally safe to take a chain saw to it - rather than a $4,000+ bill - and thus it was finally down and moved out of the way. Just in time for the new Hog Breeding building from Luco Manufacturing to arrive.


This much anticipated arrival was ‘fun’ as we unloaded in the pitch black following a lot of delays from Luco and them only arriving at the farm at 5pm in the afternoon and wanting to be back on the road the very same day.

The very long and wide ‘Oversized’ load squeezed its way through the main entry into the farm.

It took some time to narrowly navigate the buildings way into the farm. This took us into the darkness and in the end the building sat around 100 feet away from its ideal location.